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hpr3196 :: HPR Community News for October 2020

Dave and Ken review the months happenings, and try various pronunciations of Cedric De Vroeys name.

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2020-11-02 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
3174 Thu 2020-10-01 Linux Inlaws S01E14: The big programming language panel monochromec
3175 Fri 2020-10-02 International Keyboard Ahuka
3176 Mon 2020-10-05 HPR Community News for September 2020 HPR Volunteers
3177 Tue 2020-10-06 Zero cost VPN norrist
3178 Wed 2020-10-07 Finishing the Recumbent Bicycle Brian in Ohio
3179 Thu 2020-10-08 MakeMKV to back up media, and a Question Archer72
3180 Fri 2020-10-09 GIMP: Miscellaneous Tools Ahuka
3181 Mon 2020-10-12 RealVNC cloud offering JWP
3182 Tue 2020-10-13 Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of Cholecalciferol Dave Morriss
3183 Wed 2020-10-14 Don't trust zipfiles Cedric De Vroey
3184 Thu 2020-10-15 Linux Inlaws S01E15: IT Security and stick insects monochromec
3185 Fri 2020-10-16 Pandemics In History Ahuka
3186 Mon 2020-10-19 A light bulb moment, part 2 MrX
3187 Tue 2020-10-20 Ansible for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol norrist
3188 Wed 2020-10-21 Thrift store quick fix Archer72
3189 Thu 2020-10-22 How the Dutch dig Graves Ken Fallon
3190 Fri 2020-10-23 GIMP Brushes Ahuka
3191 Mon 2020-10-26 Swedish Corona Experience Daniel Persson
3192 Tue 2020-10-27 A light bulb moment, part 3 MrX
3193 Wed 2020-10-28 Meet Antithesis Paul Quirk
3194 Thu 2020-10-29 Linux Inlaws S01E16: The count and the questions monochromec
3195 Fri 2020-10-30 For your Consideration - the ideal Ham Radio setup Archer72

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 14 comments in total.

Past shows

There is 1 comment on 1 previous show:

  • hpr3153 (2020-09-02) "Fixing eBooks with Calibre and pdfcrop" by Ken Fallon.
    • Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2020-10-21: "Thank for this"

This month's shows

There are 13 comments on 9 of this month's shows:

  • hpr3175 (2020-10-02) "International Keyboard" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: Gumnos on 2020-10-03: "Using the X "Compose" key"

  • hpr3176 (2020-10-05) "HPR Community News for September 2020" by HPR Volunteers.
    • Comment 1: Mike Ray on 2020-10-05: "YAML, spacing and ansible-lint"

  • hpr3179 (2020-10-08) "MakeMKV to back up media, and a Question" by Archer72.
    • Comment 1: janedoc on 2020-10-09: "using make mkv"

  • hpr3180 (2020-10-09) "GIMP: Miscellaneous Tools" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: archer72 on 2020-10-10: "contribution back"
    • Comment 2: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-10-10: "Donating to Fedora"

  • hpr3184 (2020-10-15) "Linux Inlaws S01E15: IT Security and stick insects" by monochromec.
    • Comment 1: Clinton Roy on 2020-10-15: "Mix not quite right?"
    • Comment 2: Cedric De Vroey on 2020-10-26: "Great show keep them comming :-)"

  • hpr3185 (2020-10-16) "Pandemics In History" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: brian-in-ohio on 2020-10-16: "fear porn"
    • Comment 2: Cedric De Vroey on 2020-10-26: "Ahuka"

  • hpr3187 (2020-10-20) "Ansible for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol" by norrist.
    • Comment 1: Cedric De Vroey on 2020-10-26: "Also getting into Ansible"

  • hpr3189 (2020-10-22) "How the Dutch dig Graves" by Ken Fallon.
    • Comment 1: Cedric De Vroey on 2020-10-26: "Love graveyards"
    • Comment 2: Clinton Roy on 2020-10-28: "Interesting"

  • hpr3191 (2020-10-26) "Swedish Corona Experience" by Daniel Persson.
    • Comment 1: mcnalu on 2020-10-26: "Interesting info from Sweden"

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  • Which undead would you rather be from D&D v 5 - Lich or Vampire ? And why ?

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