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In-Depth Series: Cooking

  • Number of episodes: 22
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2013-09-03
  • Date of latest show: 2022-05-31
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Cooking techniques, recipes, recommendations and cooking equipment

hpr3607 :: The Best Eggs in the World hosted by pokey

Released: 2022-05-31. Duration: 00:13:19. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Emergency Show,Eggs,Cooking.
Emergency Show: The Best Eggs in the World

hpr3287 :: Quick tip hosted by Archer72

Released: 2021-03-09. Duration: 00:01:57. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Cooking.
Quick tip and HPR needs shows

hpr3157 :: Compost hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2020-09-08. Duration: 00:43:03. Flag: Clean.
Tags: food, rubbish, landfill, gardening.
How and why to compost

hpr2735 :: Soffritto hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2019-01-25. Duration: 00:02:18. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Food, cookery, how to, food preparation.
A short episode on a common cookery technique

hpr2654 :: Making Crepes hosted by Shane Shennan

Released: 2018-10-04. Duration: 00:12:47. Flag: Clean.
Tags: crepes, cooking, parenting.
Shane makes crepes from a simple recipe.

hpr2374 :: How to Make Sauerkraut hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-09-07. Duration: 00:09:55. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Cooking, Fermenting, Food preserving .
This is a short show on making Sauerkraut

hpr2366 :: Making Bramble Jelly hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-08-28. Duration: 00:11:05. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Cooking, Jam, Jelly.
This is a show on making Bramble Jelly

hpr2258 :: Killer Keilbasa hosted by Bill "NFMZ1" Miller

Released: 2017-03-29. Duration: 00:04:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: keilbasa,recipe,food.
Quick recipe for that last minute party

hpr2186 :: Baking Yule Bread hosted by Inscius

Released: 2016-12-19. Duration: 00:17:55. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Christmas,cooking.
'Tis the season and Inscius is baking Yule bread, Swedish style.

hpr2119 :: Making Chocolate Chip Cookies hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2016-09-15. Duration: 00:40:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Cooking, Baking, Yummy Things, Recipes, Cookies, Desserts.
Listen live as I make a batch of really tasty chocolate chip cookies

hpr2057 :: dodddummy on oats hosted by dodddummy

Released: 2016-06-21. Duration: 00:06:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: cooking,Steel-Cut Oats,Pinhead Oats,oats.
How I 'cook' steel cut oats

hpr2037 :: Alpha32's Pinhead Oats hosted by Alpha32

Released: 2016-05-24. Duration: 00:04:42. Flag: Clean.
Tags: pinhead oats, cooking, recipe, oatmeal, porridge, steel-cut oats.
I talk about how I cook steel cut oats, and ask you all to please share your favorite recipes

hpr2034 :: Frank's Five Seed Bread hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2016-05-19. Duration: 00:07:06. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: bread, cooking, baking.
Frank describes his recipe for Five Seed Bread, inspired by a Kerry Greenwood mystery novel

hpr2018 :: How to make Komboucha Tea hosted by b-yeezi

Released: 2016-04-27. Duration: 00:16:28. Flag: Clean.
Tags: tea, cooking, kitchen.
Here, I describe how to brew your own komboucha tea.

hpr1979 :: How to Make Perfect Steel-Cut Oats hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2016-03-03. Duration: 00:10:30. Flag: Clean.
Tags: oatmeal, breakfast, cooking, slow cooker, oats, steel-cut oats.
I explain how to make the perfect tasty, nutritious breakfast in a slow cooker

hpr1946 :: Wok Cookery hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2016-01-18. Duration: 00:20:37. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: cooking,wok,stir-fry,chow mein,noodles,Quorn.
I prepare a vegetarian version of Chow Mein for my son's visit

hpr1827 :: How I make bread hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2015-08-04. Duration: 00:18:32. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: cooking,bread,yeast,baking,loaves,dough,gluten.
I've been making my own bread for nearly 40 years, and I thought I'd share my methods

hpr1821 :: James Beard's Never-Fail Blender Hollandaise Sauce hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2015-07-27. Duration: 00:06:53. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: cooking,recipe,Hollandaise,sauce.
Frank describes how to make perfect Hollandaise Sauce every time.

hpr1787 :: A Beginner with a Wok hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2015-06-09. Duration: 00:17:05. Flag: Clean.
Tags: cooking,stir-fry,wok.
Frank Bell shares some of the things he's learned about cooking with a wok.

hpr1647 :: Oggcast Planet Live 2014: The Cooking Show hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

Released: 2014-11-25. Duration: 00:21:25. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Elysburg, oggcastplanet, Centralia, cooking, Knoebels, OggCastPlanet Live, OCP Live, 2014.
OggCast 2014. we cook dinner, I drink beer, a time is had by all.

hpr1591 :: The Ultimate Cooking Device hosted by PipeManMusic

Released: 2014-09-08. Duration: 00:25:39. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: cooking,grill.
Using a Weber grill to cook all your food.

hpr1327 :: Frank Bell Bakes Bread hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2013-09-03. Duration: 00:26:27. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: baking,bread,dough,sourdough.
Frank bakes two loaves of honey wheat bread