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In-Depth Series: Networking

  • Number of episodes: 24
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2009-05-05
  • Date of latest show: 2022-11-02
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
This series will try and explain the basics of networking to the listener as well as introduce more detailed topics.

hpr3718 :: Making Ansible playbooks to configure Single Sign On for popular open source applications hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2022-11-02. Duration: 00:03:59. Flag: Clean.
Tags: ansible, playbooks, sso, keycloak, single sign on.
A small introduction into my latest project when I spoke at the recent Nextcloud 2022 conference.

hpr3645 :: How to set up a small Linux Wireguard VPN hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2022-07-22. Duration: 00:14:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: wireguard,linux, vpn.
I set up a small VPN and wrote a blog post about it. This is just an audiorecording of that

hpr3622 :: My Network Setup. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

Released: 2022-06-21. Duration: 00:22:35. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Networking, TP-Link Omada, Subnetting.
How I've Constructed My Home Network.

hpr3434 :: From 0 to K8s in 30 minutes hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2021-09-30. Duration: 00:32:18. Flag: Clean.
Tags: network, kubernetes, cloud.
Build a Kubernetes cluster, run a website, route traffic to website

hpr3338 :: Using openssl s_client like telnet hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2021-05-19. Duration: 00:19:49. Flag: Clean.
Tags: telnet, openssl.
OpenSSL s_client is the new telnet. Here is how to use it.

hpr3090 :: Locating Computer on a Enterprise Network hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-06-05. Duration: 00:39:48. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: nmap,hacking,computers,networking,scripting,bash,shell.
advanced nmap tips

hpr3052 :: Locating computers on a network hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2020-04-14. Duration: 00:22:02. Flag: Clean.
Tags: arp, ethernet, ip address, dhcp, wireshark, nmap, ping, route, router, arp-scan, wikiversity.
Ken explains some different ways to locate computers on the network

hpr2944 :: ONICS Basics Part 4: Network Flows and Connections hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2019-11-14. Duration: 00:16:29. Flag: Clean.
Tags: command line networking.
I try to add a bit more basic networking info while writing a quick script for Dave Morris

hpr2913 :: Windows, SDN, and Firewalls hosted by Beto

Released: 2019-10-02. Duration: 00:41:23. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Windows, Firewalls, SDN.
Being a Windows User for the past 3 years, Information on SDN, and a DIY approach to a home Firewall

hpr2909 :: ONICS Basics Part 3: Networking Fundamentals hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2019-09-26. Duration: 00:50:31. Flag: Clean.
Tags: command-line, networking, basics.
This show discusses basic principles of networks and how to send data using ONICS

hpr2885 :: ONICS Part 2: Filtering and Extraction hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2019-08-23. Duration: 00:16:34. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking, command-line, tools.
In this episode I discuss commands to filter and/or extract packets from a packet trace file.

hpr2882 :: ONICS Part 1: Basic Commands hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2019-08-20. Duration: 00:22:44. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking, command-line, tools.
In this episode I review some basic commands for manipulating packet captures

hpr2760 :: What is VNF hosted by JWP

Released: 2019-03-01. Duration: 00:07:25. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Virtual network function,VNF,network functions virtualization,NFV.
A topic from the Open Networking conference in Amsterdam

hpr2715 :: About ONAP hosted by JWP

Released: 2018-12-28. Duration: 00:10:18. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Networking,ONAP,Open Networking Automation Platform.
The Linux foundations ONAP project all about it

hpr1127 :: AFP file share on a Linux server hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2012-11-27. Duration: 00:29:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,AFP,Apple Filing Protocol,Netatalk .
How to set up a netatalk/Apple Filing Protocol file share on Linux

hpr1121 :: Klaatu continues his Networking Basics series with a SAMBA howto. hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2012-11-19. Duration: 00:34:14. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,SMB,CIFS,SAMBA,file server,NFS,AFP .
A SAMBA howto from klaatu

hpr0820 :: Setting up a web server and a mySQL server hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2011-09-22. Duration: 00:21:53. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DHCP,DNS,"web server","MySQL server",apache,nginx,lighttpd,"virtual host".
Part 9 - configuring a web server and a MySQL server

hpr0807 :: MaraDNS hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2011-09-05. Duration: 00:28:23. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,DNS,"Domain Name System",MaraDNS.
Part 6 of the Networking series: How to set up a simple DNS server

hpr0793 :: Server/Client relationship, DHCP server hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2011-08-16. Duration: 01:09:09. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,server,client,DHCP,router.
Part 6 of Klaatu's Networking Basics miniseries

hpr0515 :: Network Basics Part 6 hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2010-02-11. Duration: 00:26:47. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,arp,dhcp.
Episode 6 of Basic networking with Klaatu

hpr0414 :: Networking Basics Part 5 hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2009-08-01. Duration: 00:18:42. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,addressing,fragmentation.
Klaatu covers IP (Internet Protocol)

hpr0363 :: Networking Basics Part 3 hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2009-05-22. Duration: 00:24:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: networking,ethernet,cables,data frames.
The third episode of Basic Networking

hpr0357 :: Network Basics Part 2 hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2009-05-13. Duration: 00:20:00. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Routers,Switches,Hubs,Collision domains,Broadcast domains.
Episode 2 of Basic networking with Klaatu

hpr0351 :: Network Basics hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2009-05-05. Duration: 00:14:10. Flag: Clean.
Tags: computers,networking,topology,7-layer model.
Klaatu explains the basics of networking