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In-Depth Series: Podcasting HowTo

  • Number of episodes: 9
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2010-11-22
  • Date of latest show: 2022-08-31
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
This series is designed to help the new host begin podcasting and to give the experienced host some tips and tricks.
The series is open to all.

hpr3673 :: Recording for Hacker Public Radio hosted by dnt

Released: 2022-08-31. Duration: 00:17:46. Flag: Clean.
Tags: "sound editing".
My experiences recording episodes of HPR

hpr3345 :: Audio for Podcasting: Episode 2 - Equalization hosted by Thaj Sara

Released: 2021-05-28. Duration: 00:16:05. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: audio production, equalization, audio quality.
Thaj shares tips and tricks on producing quality audio for HPR episodes

hpr3331 :: Audio for Podcasting: Episode 1 - The Microphone hosted by Thaj Sara

Released: 2021-05-10. Duration: 00:23:19. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: audio production, microphones, audio quality.
Thaj shares tips and tricks on producing quality audio for HPR episodes

hpr2939 :: Submit a show to Hacker Public Radio in 10 easy steps hosted by b-yeezi

Released: 2019-11-07. Duration: 00:10:01. Flag: Clean.
Tags: podcast, hpr, how-to.
This is a 10 step walkthrough of submitting a show to HPR

hpr2125 :: My mobile recording solution hosted by Alpha32

Released: 2016-09-23. Duration: 00:02:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: chromebook, mobile, recording, audio.
How I record decent audio in my creeper van.

hpr2006 :: Basic Audio Production - Compression hosted by Nacho Jordi

Released: 2016-04-11. Duration: 00:32:07. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Audio, Compression, Ardour, Audacity, Podcasts, Recording.
Yet another explanation of sound compression in a DAW

hpr1796 :: Audacity - Chains, Notches and Labels hosted by cheeto4493

Released: 2015-06-22. Duration: 00:15:09. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Audacity, Recording, Editing, notch filter, chain.
Some more Tips and Tricks when using Audacity

hpr1771 :: Audacity: Label Tracks hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2015-05-18. Duration: 00:11:23. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Audacity, audio editing, podcasting.
Intro to my recent discovery of "Label Tracks" in Audacity

hpr0601 :: A community icecast and mumble server for recording podcasts hosted by PipeManMusic

Released: 2010-11-22. Duration: 00:09:55. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: icecast,mumble,podcasting,oggcasting.
PipeManMusic describes some resources they've made available to the oggcast community