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In-Depth Series: How I got into tech

  • Number of episodes: 62
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2009-04-30
  • Date of latest show: 2022-10-31
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Started by monsterb, this series invites people to share with us how they found Linux. It has become traditional for first time hosts to share with us their journey to Linux. Indeed it has morphed to be way to share your journey in tech right up to your first contribution to HPR.

hpr3716 :: How I got in to Tech hosted by Lurking Prion

Released: 2022-10-31. Duration: 00:08:51. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: career,technology.
My journey in to technology

hpr3669 :: My First Podcast: My Journey into the Computer World hosted by Hipernike

Released: 2022-08-25. Duration: 00:20:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux, programming, cibersecurity, robotics, hardware.
How I was introduced into computers, Linux, robotics, programming, cibersecurity and more...

hpr3663 :: How I got into Tech hosted by Stache_AF

Released: 2022-08-17. Duration: 00:05:58. Flag: Clean.
Tags: tech, personal history, introductions.
Follow-up episode about how I got into tech

hpr3577 :: Hello and how I got into tech hosted by Sarah

Released: 2022-04-19. Duration: 00:07:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: intro, linux.
Hi, I'm Sarah and this is how I got into Tech

hpr2968 :: Life and Times of a Geek part 3 hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2019-12-18. Duration: 00:40:41. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: video recorder,Skinner box,logic gate,digitiser,Dobbie McInnes,Data General,teletype,Cyber-72,APL,Si.
Part 3 of my personal story of experiences with computers

hpr2953 :: How I got started in Linux hosted by Archer72

Released: 2019-11-27. Duration: 00:04:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Linux, FreeBSD, Computers.
How I start in Linux, computing, and Free Software

hpr2841 :: How I got into Linux (and then some...) hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

Released: 2019-06-24. Duration: 00:31:04. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux, intro, story, discourse, bsd.
A response to the request for "how i got into linux" and a little of my history with Linux/BSD

hpr2832 :: How I got started in Linux hosted by Shannon Wright

Released: 2019-06-11. Duration: 00:02:48. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux, introduction.
This is a very brief introduction on what got me into using Linux.

hpr2088 :: How my wife's grandma got me into linux. hosted by knightwise

Released: 2016-08-03. Duration: 00:33:21. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux, ubuntu, suse, mandriva.
Knightwise tells us how his wife's 80 year old grandmother got him into Linux.

hpr2051 :: My Linux Journey hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2016-06-13. Duration: 00:11:49. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Windows 3.1,Windows 95,Windows 98,Xubuntu,Windows XP,Freespire,Ubuntu,LibreOffice,Linux Mint.
This is a short show where I talk about how I started to use Linux

hpr2040 :: Why I Use Linux hosted by matthew

Released: 2016-05-27. Duration: 00:05:00. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux, Vim, git, grep, Filezilla, LAMP stack, Meteor, Firefox, Chromium.
A short description of why someone would stumble onto Linux and not want to leave.

hpr1972 :: How I got into Linux hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

Released: 2016-02-23. Duration: 00:20:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Sony tape recorder,RedHat Linux,Enlightenment E16,dial-up,Mandrake,Debian,Icepack Linux,Slackware,Linux Mint,CrunchBang,OpenBSD.
My first podcast. Me rambling about how I got into Linux.

hpr1970 :: How I got started with Linux hosted by swift110

Released: 2016-02-19. Duration: 00:27:45. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux.
I talk at length about how I got started with Linux

hpr1967 :: How I saw the Linux Light at the end of the Windows tunnel hosted by Nacho Jordi

Released: 2016-02-16. Duration: 00:14:19. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Linux, Beginners, Computing history, Gaming.
My personal story of discovery of Linux

hpr1881 :: My road to Linux hosted by clacke

Released: 2015-10-19. Duration: 00:15:12. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Urecord,Slirp,Amiga,turbolinux,guix.
I'm so old I actually installed Watchtower on an Amiga and I review 22 years of Linux distributions

hpr1841 :: My way into Linux hosted by folky

Released: 2015-08-24. Duration: 00:09:36. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: espeak,East Germany,punched cards,Commodore 64,Atari Mega ST,Macintosh,iMAC,MAC OS,LaTex,Debian,Ubuntu,Mint,Bodhi,ArchBang.
From punch cards to Manjaro

hpr1811 :: Life and Times of a Geek part 2 hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2015-07-13. Duration: 00:42:38. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: computer,programming,punched card,paper tape,teletype,graph plotter,Seymour Cray,CDC,Control Data Corporation,CDC 7600,Cray-1,ICL,ALGOL 60,FORTRAN,Pascal.
Part 2 of my personal story of experiences with computers

hpr1751 :: How I got into Linux hosted by Steve Bickle

Released: 2015-04-20. Duration: 00:18:34. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Crunchbang.
How I got into linux, LFS and where I use Linux now.

hpr1664 :: Life and Times of a Geek part 1 hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2014-12-18. Duration: 00:26:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: computer,mainframe,programming,punched card,paper tape,teletype,graph plotter,ALGOL 60.
I've been using computers for more than 40 years. This is part 1 of my story

hpr1634 :: How I got into Linux hosted by pyrrhic

Released: 2014-11-06. Duration: 00:17:33. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Sansa Clip,Audacity.
How I discovered Linux

hpr1604 :: How I Got Into Linux hosted by cjm

Released: 2014-09-25. Duration: 00:18:16. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: windows,Ubuntu,Puppy,Crunchbang,Arch.
I sum up my experience with linux from 0 to 1!

hpr1576 :: How I got into Linux hosted by Inscius

Released: 2014-08-18. Duration: 00:27:54. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Linux, FLOSS, Mac.
This is my story about how I got into computers, computing and GNU/Linux.

hpr1553 :: TuxJam 33.333 - How we got into Linux hosted by Andrew Conway

Released: 2014-07-16. Duration: 01:07:57. Flag: Clean.
Tags: FOSS,software,creative commons,music.
Kevie and Andrew release TuxJam episode 33 1/3 as an exclusive to HPR on how they got into Linux

hpr1547 :: My Linux Experience Birthday Special hosted by David Whitman

Released: 2014-07-08. Duration: 00:15:22. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: birthday,Atari,Macintosh Classic,Ubuntu,Mint.
The cake is not a lie, I tell how I got into Linux and what my favorite Birthday Cake is.

hpr1541 :: How I Came To Linux hosted by Claudio Miranda

Released: 2014-06-30. Duration: 00:36:19. Flag: Clean.
Tags: BASIC,Mattel Aquarius,Apple IIe,Macintosh,RedHat,SUSE,Mandrake,Slackware.
ClaudioM talks about how he came to computers and to Linux

hpr1499 :: How I Got Into Computers hosted by Charles in NJ

Released: 2014-05-01. Duration: 00:59:57. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DEC,PDP-11/20,ASR-33,RSTS-11,BASIC,FORTRAN,Pascal,VAX-11/780,Ultrix,Linux,Ubuntu,Gentoo,Slackware.
linux, computing, minicomputers, Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, Basic

hpr1487 :: How I Found Linux hosted by x1101

Released: 2014-04-15. Duration: 00:06:16. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux.
New host x1101 describes how he got into Linux

hpr1472 :: How I Found Linux hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

Released: 2014-03-25. Duration: 00:13:59. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Mandrake,Mandriva,OpenMandriva,Slackware,Debian,Ubuntu.
CPrompt^ goes into how he found linux and never looked back...

hpr1402 :: How I Started Using Linux and Free and Open Source Software hosted by Thaj Sara

Released: 2013-12-17. Duration: 00:10:48. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux,open source.
My first contribution to HPR: how I came to use Linux and Free/Open Source software

hpr1384 :: How I Got Into Linux and OSS hosted by Keith Murray

Released: 2013-11-21. Duration: 00:11:03. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: "Red Hat",Audacity,Notepad++,Windows7,Ubuntu.
New HPR podcaster Keith Murray shares how he came to the Linux and OSS world.

hpr1381 :: How We Found Linux hosted by Kevin Wisher

Released: 2013-11-18. Duration: 00:57:12. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: TRS-80,"IBM portable PC",modem,"Texas Instruments TI-99/4A","Fedora Core",Freespire,"Linux Mint",Manjaro,Debian,MythTV.
Kevin Wisher and Honkey Magoo each discuss their journey to Linux

hpr1333 :: Introduction / How I Got Into Linux hosted by Matt McGraw (g33kdad)

Released: 2013-09-11. Duration: 00:16:39. Flag: Clean.
Tags: "Mac Classic II",FreeBSD,Ubuntu.
A first show from a new host describing their journey to Linux

hpr1320 :: How I got into Linux hosted by jrobb

Released: 2013-08-23. Duration: 00:06:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Pascal,RedHat,Ubuntu,Arch,Debian,PHP,MySQL.
jrobb gives a short show about how he got into Linux and programming

hpr1318 :: How I found Linux hosted by Sunzofman1

Released: 2013-08-21. Duration: 00:18:35. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: "computer history".
Sunzofman1's journey to Linux

hpr1223 :: How I got into linux hosted by Jezra

Released: 2013-04-10. Duration: 00:11:59. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Windows,"Corel Linux","Red Hat Linux",Ubuntu,Debian,Arch,Python,jedit,geany.
From Windows to Arch with a few other Linux versions along the way

hpr1133 :: How I got in to Linux hosted by Dick Thomas

Released: 2012-12-05. Duration: 00:17:13. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: ZX Spectrum,Corel Linux,Debian,Gentoo,Ubuntu .
Another contributor describes their Linux journey

hpr1129 :: How I got into Linux hosted by aparanoidshell

Released: 2012-11-29. Duration: 00:09:47. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Windows XP,Ubuntu,Unity,Debian,Gnome,CrunchBang .
Another contributor describes their Linux journey

hpr1007 :: My Linux Adventure, Pt. 2 hosted by Bob Wooden

Released: 2012-06-11. Duration: 00:26:06. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux,knoppix,kde,BSA,OpenOffice,Firefox,Thunderbird,Samba,Ubuntu,SuSE,OpenSuSE,Debian.
The second part of Bob Wooden's Linux journey

hpr0937 :: How I started with linux hosted by riddlebox

Released: 2012-03-05. Duration: 00:09:08. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux.
Riddlebox talks of his journey to Linux

hpr0928 :: My Linux Adventure, Pt. 1 hosted by Bob Wooden

Released: 2012-02-22. Duration: 00:31:03. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux,redhat,fedora,suse,open suse,ltsp,nfs,dhcp.
The first part of Bob Wooden's Linux journey

hpr0918 :: How I Started with Linux Part 2 hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2012-02-07. Duration: 00:15:32. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux,slackware,debian,samba,dns.
Frank Bell continues the story of his journey to Linux

hpr0905 :: Akranis: How I got into Linux hosted by Akranis

Released: 2012-01-19. Duration: 00:05:49. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Smoothwall,Puppy Linux,Ubuntu,Arch,Debian,Bash,Bashpodder.
An introductory show from a new host

hpr0901 :: Ahuka: Intro and How I Got Into Linux hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2012-01-16. Duration: 00:30:34. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: mainframe,punched card,teletype,Sinclair ZX80,PC XT,DOS,Linux,KDE.
An introduction from a new host

hpr0877 :: Welcome Frank Bell hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2011-12-12. Duration: 00:17:34. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux,slackware.
Frank Bell begins the story of his journey to Linux

hpr0797 :: How I got into linux hosted by Mike Hingley

Released: 2011-08-22. Duration: 00:04:47. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Ubuntu.
Mike Hingley's first HPR episode where he describes how he got into Linux

hpr0752 :: My Path to Linux: Knoppix hosted by MrGadgets

Released: 2011-06-20. Duration: 00:12:27. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Knoppix,"live CD",microdrive,"compact flash".
Another part of Mr Gadgets' journey to his daily use of Linux

hpr0750 :: My path to Linux hosted by NewAgeTechnoHippie

Released: 2011-06-16. Duration: 00:08:52. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: "Redhat Linux",LILO,Fedora,"Arch Linux",Maemo,"Nokia N900".
In his first episode NewAgeTechnoHippie describes his Linux journey

hpr0742 :: How I Got Into Linux hosted by Dave

Released: 2011-06-06. Duration: 00:07:49. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Interview,"PC repair","Linux Mint",Mumble.
Ken Fallon interviews Dave over Mumble about his use of Linux

hpr0726 :: Journey to Linux hosted by MrGadgets

Released: 2011-05-15. Duration: 00:19:37. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux,O/S 2 Warp.
Continuing Mr Gadgets' journey to Linux

hpr0718 :: How I got into Linux hosted by Brotherred

Released: 2011-05-04. Duration: 00:07:45. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux.
Brotherred explains how his journey to Linux started with a local Sports radio show

hpr0703 :: My Computer History hosted by Bob Evans

Released: 2011-04-13. Duration: 00:04:52. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: computing history,vintage hardware,nelf.
My Computer History

hpr0698 :: How I Found Linux hosted by code.cruncher

Released: 2011-04-06. Duration: 00:22:37. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: development,"dual boot",distrohopping,linux.
code.cruncher explains where they began in computing, and how they found Linux

hpr0696 :: MrGadgets Path toward Linux hosted by MrGadgets

Released: 2011-04-04. Duration: 00:13:43. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: 6502,Z80,6800,"Moog Synthesizer","Commodore PET","TRS-80 Color Computer",KIM-1.
Mr Gadgets talks about how he got to Linux

hpr0671 :: How I Found Linux hosted by dodddummy

Released: 2011-02-28. Duration: 00:24:00. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: mainframe,linux,distrohopping.
dodddummy's journey to Linux, from mainframes to home computers

hpr0647 :: How I Got Into Linux hosted by brother mouse

Released: 2011-01-25. Duration: 00:27:08. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux.
brother mouse relates his journey to Linux

hpr0605 :: How I found Linux hosted by Johninsc

Released: 2010-11-26. Duration: 00:10:45. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux.
Johninsc describes how he found Linux

hpr0410 :: How I found Linux Part 6 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-07-27. Duration: 00:28:06. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Samba,Suse,Gentoo.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users

hpr0376 :: How I Found Linux 005 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-06-09. Duration: 00:29:01. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: mainframe,Redhat,Ubuntu,Puppy Linux,Chess Griffin.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users

hpr0370 :: How I Found Linux 004 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-06-01. Duration: 00:29:15. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Fedora,KDE,Graphic art,Redhat,Slackware,Debian,Library computers.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users

hpr0360 :: How I found Linux 3 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-05-19. Duration: 00:27:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users

hpr0350 :: How I found Linux 002 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-05-05. Duration: 00:28:14. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users

hpr0348 :: How I Found Linux 001 hosted by monsterb

Released: 2009-04-30. Duration: 00:29:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux.
Monsterb introduces audio clips sent in by Linux users