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In-Depth Series: Programming 101

  • Number of episodes: 28
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2008-12-31
  • Date of latest show: 2022-09-12
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
A series focusing on concepts and the basics of programming

hpr3681 :: Rust 101 Episode 3: Functionally Insane hosted by BlacKernel

Released: 2022-09-12. Duration: 00:41:21. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: rust, for loop, for, match, functions, loops, usize, isize, programming, tutorial.
In this episode BlacKernel teaches you how to make functions and for loops in rust

hpr3632 :: Intro to web scraping with Python hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2022-07-05. Duration: 00:31:55. Flag: Clean.
Tags: python, web, internet.
Using requests and Beautiful Soup to scrape websites

hpr3519 :: Rust 101: Episode 2 - Rolling With the Errors hosted by BlacKernel

Released: 2022-01-27. Duration: 00:53:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: rust, programming, dice, learning.
In this episode, BlacKernel helps you construct a simple dice rolling application in rust.

hpr3472 :: consuming an AQI API hosted by Jezra

Released: 2021-11-23. Duration: 00:06:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: ruby, api, programming.
just because the sky is clear, doesn't mean the air is safe to breathe

hpr3453 :: Rust 101: Episode 1 - Hello, World! hosted by BlacKernel

Released: 2021-10-27. Duration: 00:22:28. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: rust, programming, hello world, macros, functions.
In which BlacKernel introduces the cargo tool and goes into detail on the rust hello world program

hpr3426 :: Rust 101: Episode 0 - What in Tarnishing? hosted by BlacKernel

Released: 2021-09-20. Duration: 00:22:28. Flag: Clean.
Tags: rust, programming, raii, python, c.
BlacKernel teaches you what rust is and how it is different from Python or C.

hpr3228 :: YAML basics hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2020-12-16. Duration: 00:33:47. Flag: Clean.
Tags: yaml,data,parse,lint,json.
Learn about sequence and mapping in YAML

hpr3041 :: How to use GNU Autotools hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2020-03-30. Duration: 00:38:57. Flag: Clean.
Tags: autotools,build,make.
How to use GNU Autotools

hpr2919 :: hosting software in HPR show notes hosted by Jezra

Released: 2019-10-10. Duration: 00:10:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: canoe, ptython, api, weather.
boats are awesome, but might lead to hosting software in the HPR show notes

hpr2854 :: Telling myself something In The Morning hosted by Jezra

Released: 2019-07-11. Duration: 00:06:14. Flag: Clean.
Tags: python, programming.
There was a need for some software, so I wrote some

hpr2607 :: Processing hosted by Klaatu

Released: 2018-07-31. Duration: 00:29:37. Flag: Clean.
Tags: java,processing.
Klaatu introduces Processing, a Java subset and IDE suitable for graphical programming projects

hpr2344 :: Follow on to HPR2340 (Tracking the HPR queue in Python) hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-07-27. Duration: 00:14:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Python, Programming, Hardware, BlinkStick.
Improved version of script to capture the number of HPR shows in the queue using python.

hpr1859 :: A Mouse in a Maze on the Raspberry PI hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2015-09-17. Duration: 00:39:49. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry PI, Bare metal programming.
This podcast describes a little game that I learned in my first programming class.

hpr1768 :: An Intro To C Episode 1 : Introduction and Types hosted by cjm

Released: 2015-05-13. Duration: 00:32:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: C, Programming.
I go through the basic types and a basic introduction of myself. :)

hpr1666 :: Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 3) hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2014-12-22. Duration: 01:09:18. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry Pi,programming,ARM,co-processor,memory management unit.
This episode, embedded programming, ARM co-processors and the ARM memory management unit.

hpr1630 :: Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 2) hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2014-10-31. Duration: 00:50:24. Flag: Clean.
Tags: programming, embedded systems, raspberry pi.
This episode discusses interrupt handling, and program loading using the Xmodem protocol

hpr1619 :: Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 1) hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

Released: 2014-10-16. Duration: 01:02:14. Flag: Clean.
Tags: programming,embedded systems,raspberry pi.
This show is about how to program a Raspberry Pi with no operating system and no libraries.

hpr1593 :: Why C++? hosted by garjola

Released: 2014-09-10. Duration: 00:12:25. Flag: Clean.
Tags: programming languages, c++.
Introduction to the C++ programming language main features

hpr1501 :: AWK hosted by laindir

Released: 2014-05-05. Duration: 00:19:25. Flag: Clean.
Tags: AWK,text processing,rule,pattern,action,regular expression.
A cursory introduction to the AWK programming language

hpr1330 :: Programming languages 3 - C hosted by garjola

Released: 2013-09-06. Duration: 00:21:22. Flag: Clean.
Tags: "C language","GNU C",compiler,gcc.
A C programming language appetiser

hpr1138 :: Programming languages 2 - Python hosted by garjola

Released: 2012-12-12. Duration: 00:11:05. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: programming,Python .
An introduction to the Python language

hpr0932 :: Programming languages 1 - Introduction hosted by garjola

Released: 2012-02-27. Duration: 00:25:09. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: programming,Python,C,C++,Lisp,Java,Perl,PHP,Smalltalk,Haskell,FORTRAN,COBOL,Algol 60,Algol 68,BASIC,Pascal.
An introduction to programming languages

hpr0361 :: Programming 101 Part 4 hosted by Xoke

Released: 2009-05-20. Duration: 00:46:39. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Programming,Python.
Xoke continues his Programming 101 Series - Part 4

hpr0302 :: Python Programming Part 3 hosted by Xoke

Released: 2009-02-25. Duration: 00:21:53. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Programming,Python.
Xoke continues the Programming 101 series

hpr0295 :: Illustrious Programmer E1: Vocab and Basics hosted by jelkimantis

Released: 2009-02-16. Duration: 00:23:31. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: programming,python,debugging tips.
Vocab and Basics

hpr0293 :: Illustrious Programmer Ep 0 hosted by jelkimantis

Released: 2009-02-12. Duration: 00:11:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: programming,beginners,Python.
Illustrious Programmer Ep 0

hpr0282 :: Python Programming 101: Part 2 hosted by Xoke

Released: 2009-01-28. Duration: 00:21:33. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Programming,Python.
Xoke continues the Programming 101 series

hpr0262 :: Programming 101: The Basics hosted by Xoke

Released: 2008-12-31. Duration: 00:18:13. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Programming.
Xoke starts the Programming series