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In-Depth Series: DOS

  • Number of episodes: 4
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2021-07-30
  • Date of latest show: 2021-10-22
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
DOS is a general acronym for "Disk Operating System", though it came to refer to the operating system used in the IBM PC, particularly Microsoft's MS-DOS.

hpr3450 :: Internal Commands hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2021-10-22. Duration: 00:12:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DOS, early PC computing, Internal Commands.
More on DOS. This time it is Internal Commands.

hpr3430 :: Booting hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2021-09-24. Duration: 00:12:04. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DOS, early PC computing, boot process.
We look in detail at how early PCs booted.

hpr3410 :: Operating Systems hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2021-08-27. Duration: 00:13:48. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DOS, early PC computing, operating systems.
Here we look at what an operating system is, and how they developed historically.

hpr3390 :: Intro to DOS Series hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2021-07-30. Duration: 00:13:23. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DOS, early PC computing.
We begin some technological archeology to explore the old warhorse, DOS.