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In-Depth Series: Hobby Electronics

  • Number of episodes: 35
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2013-01-31
  • Date of latest show: 2023-01-06
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Building electronic devices and kits, repairing electronics and learning about components and their uses.

hpr3765 :: Fixing clock events in GBA pokemon cartridges hosted by Celeste

Released: 2023-01-06. Duration: 00:13:43. Flag: Clean.
Tags: nintendo,gba,swapping battery,RTC clock,savefile editing,game boy advance.
Tinkering with the RTC (Real Time Clock) hardware on Gameboy Advance cartridges

hpr3644 :: Pinball Machine Repair Tips hosted by Celeste

Released: 2022-07-21. Duration: 00:24:43. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: first show,pinball,repair,electronics,90s.
As a first show, I introduce myself and show some repairability tips for 90s pinball machines

hpr3235 :: Soldering Tips hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-12-25. Duration: 00:08:07. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Solder,Soldering,Electronics.
What little I know about the topic you will learn

hpr3217 :: Sump Minion hosted by Brian in Ohio

Released: 2020-12-01. Duration: 00:18:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: raspberry pi, slackware.
My first Internet of Things device, without using python

hpr3077 :: Video conference Push to Talk hosted by DanNixon

Released: 2020-05-19. Duration: 00:07:37. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: arduino, linux audio, electronics, hardware.
Building the push to talk button missing from many video conference tools

hpr2997 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 7: Video Playback with 1541 Ultimate hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-01-28. Duration: 00:19:21. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Commodore 64,retro,computing,games,gamer,vintage,video,World of Commodore,TPUG.
In this seventh episode, Greg returns to tell us how he got full video playback on a Commodore 64.

hpr2992 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 6: Introduction to C64 OS hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-01-21. Duration: 00:35:59. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Commodore,64,OS,World of Commodore.
Greg Naçu presents to us his new operating system to the Commodore 64

hpr2982 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 4: Bare metal c64 Emulation on Raspberry Pi hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-01-07. Duration: 00:40:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry,Pi,emulation,Commodore,64,World of Commodore,TPUG,Toronto,Pet,Users,Group,Github,Open Sour.
Randy Rossi's presentation of his Github project on bare metal emulation of the C64 on a Pi 3.

hpr2971 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 2: Hacking GeckOS hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2019-12-23. Duration: 00:49:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Commodore,PET,Amiga,Geckos,retro,Linux,Open Source.
Glen Holmer explains how he got Linux running on a Commodore 64.

hpr2966 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 1: The Interviews hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2019-12-16. Duration: 00:19:34. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Commodore,PET,Amiga,Gecko,retro.
In this first episode, I interview exhibitors and members at the World of Commodore in 2019.

hpr2893 :: Whats in the box! Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2019-09-04. Duration: 00:12:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: guitar, pedal, tremlo, kit, DIY, soldering.
NYbill finishes a guitar pedal kit Timttmy sent him.

hpr2822 :: What's in the Box! Part 1 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2019-05-28. Duration: 00:21:05. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DIY, Soldering, Guitar, electronics.
NYbill opens a mystery box he found in the mail box.

hpr2750 :: Windmill is on the Fritz hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2019-02-15. Duration: 00:04:30. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Fritzing, Reverse Engineering, LED.
Using Fritzing to help reverse engineer a circuit in a winter model village windmill

hpr2701 :: First impressions of the Odroid-go hosted by dodddummy

Released: 2018-12-10. Duration: 00:32:06. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Odroid-go.
I ramble on about my first impressions of the odroid-go

hpr2645 :: Blinking LED hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2018-09-21. Duration: 00:23:10. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: 555, NYBill, pico, nano.
In this live show, Ken sees if he can follow simple instructions

hpr2622 :: Raspberry Pi Temperaturator hosted by b-yeezi

Released: 2018-08-21. Duration: 00:04:32. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: raspberry pi.
I invite my 6 year-old daughter on to discuss how we setup a temperature monitor on her pi

hpr2591 :: International Troubleshooting hosted by NYbill

Released: 2018-07-09. Duration: 00:30:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: DIY, Kit, Electronics, Troubleshooting.
NYbill troubleshoots a DIY kit of Ken Fallon’s.

hpr2514 :: Electronics Calculator Kit hosted by NYbill

Released: 2018-03-22. Duration: 00:33:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics, Kits, Soldering, DIY.
NYbill talks about building a $16 electronics calculator kit.

hpr2407 :: The Lost Episode Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-10-24. Duration: 00:22:12. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics,kit,tester,AVR programmer,transistor.
NYbill talks about flashing firmware to a Atmega328p chip to get a Transistor Tester Kit working.

hpr2394 :: The Lost Episode hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-10-05. Duration: 00:27:02. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics, kits, testers.
NYbill talks about building an inexpensive transistor tester... a year after the fact.

hpr2369 :: Little Meters hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-08-31. Duration: 00:21:11. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics, Multimeter, Review.
NYbill does a quick review of two more inexpensive multimeters

hpr2329 :: Building a Digital Clock Kit hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2017-07-06. Duration: 00:28:27. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: electronics,clock,soldering.
I bought a self-build digital clock on eBay and document the building process

hpr2314 :: Bad Caps hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-06-15. Duration: 00:26:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: repair,motherboard,capacitor,polymer electrolytic capacitor,ceramic capacitor.
NYbill talking about repairing a computer motherboard.

hpr2148 :: The DSO138 Oscilloscope Kit Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2016-10-26. Duration: 00:13:11. Flag: Clean.
Tags: electronics,oscilloscope,kit,3D printing.
In this episode NYbill talks about finishing the DSO138 Oscilloscope kit.

hpr2029 :: The DSO138 Oscilloscope Kit hosted by NYbill

Released: 2016-05-12. Duration: 00:20:58. Flag: Clean.
Tags: oscilloscope,electronics,soldering,SMD.
NYbill talks about building a DSO138 Oscilloscope kit.

hpr2014 :: A first look at the Owon B35T Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2016-04-21. Duration: 00:21:46. Flag: Clean.
Tags: multimeter,Bluetooth.
More clicking of things, Bluetooth happens, things are taken apart...

hpr2004 :: A First Look at the Owon B35T hosted by NYbill

Released: 2016-04-07. Duration: 00:36:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: multimeter,Bluetooth,RMS.
You are along for the ride as NYbill takes his first look at another inexpensive multimeter.

hpr1971 :: BlinkStick hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2016-02-22. Duration: 00:18:00. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: BlinkStick,electronics,soldering,RGB LED,Integrated circuit.
The BlinkStick is a small USB device with an RGB LED which you can build yourself

hpr1892 :: my chicken coop hosted by Jezra

Released: 2015-11-03. Duration: 00:10:10. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: chicken.
jezra blabs about the brok brok brok house

hpr1858 :: Multimeter Mod's Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2015-09-16. Duration: 00:22:59. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: multimeter,hack,maker,mod,modification,improve,electronics,blender,3D printing.
NYbill finishes modification two to his multimeter.

hpr1846 :: UNI-T UT61E Review hosted by NYbill

Released: 2015-08-31. Duration: 00:20:41. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: multimeter,RMS meter,diode test,auto range.
NYbill does a quick review of his favourite multimeter for electronics, the UNI-T UT61E.

hpr1828 :: Multimeter Mod's Part 1 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2015-08-05. Duration: 00:19:22. Flag: Clean.
Tags: multimeter,back light,LED,hardware hack.
NYbill modifies his multimeter to add features he feels are lacking.

hpr1817 :: Gathering Parts hosted by NYbill

Released: 2015-07-21. Duration: 00:23:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: electronics,guitar pedal,fuzzbox,resistor colours.
NYbill talks about the process he goes through while starting an electronics project.

hpr1503 :: Making Waves-The DSO Pocket Oscilloscope hosted by NYbill

Released: 2014-05-07. Duration: 00:21:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: electronics,oscilloscope,555 timer,teensy.
NYbill discusses the DSO Pocket Oscilloscope v3. A few circuits are set up to test it

hpr1174 :: Low Tech Fab (PCB Etching) hosted by NYbill

Released: 2013-01-31. Duration: 00:19:02. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Electronics,PCB,Etching,DIY.
NYbill makes his own copper PCB boards at home