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In-Depth Series: Sound Scapes

  • Number of episodes: 12
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2012-09-27
  • Date of latest show: 2021-12-15
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Come with us on a journey through sound.

hpr3488 :: Binaural 3d audio recording, please listen at normal speed with good head phones. hosted by Quvmoh

Released: 2021-12-15. Duration: 00:05:02. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Binaural, storm, thunder.
recorded November 19 2021 quick storm.

hpr3037 :: Ambient recording at Union Station hosted by Archer72

Released: 2020-03-24. Duration: 00:03:25. Flag: Clean.
Tags: soundscape, train station.
Ambient recording in the main hall at Union Station, Chicago

hpr3029 :: At Union Station with a train delay hosted by Archer72

Released: 2020-03-12. Duration: 00:05:47. Flag: Clean.
Tags: soundscape, trains.
This is a soundscape while waiting for a train at Union Station.

hpr2792 :: Playing around with text to speech synthesis on Linux hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2019-04-16. Duration: 00:20:03. Flag: Clean.
Tags: speech synthesis linux.
Playing around with different text to speech programs to see what is possible.

hpr2561 :: A reluctant dog walk hosted by MrX

Released: 2018-05-28. Duration: 00:24:32. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: dog, walking.
A reluctant dog walk after some hand stripping

hpr2492 :: An Evening Subway Ride hosted by MPardo

Released: 2018-02-20. Duration: 00:32:25. Flag: Clean.
Tags: sound, Toronto, transit, subway, crowds, train.
An evening subway ride on the Toronto subway from College Station to Sheppard/Yonge Station

hpr2442 :: The sound of Woodbrook Quaker Study centre in the Spring hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-12-12. Duration: 00:15:37. Flag: Clean.
Tags: birdsong.
I recorded the sound of bird song at Woodbrook Quaker study Centre in Birmingham UK in April 2017

hpr2354 :: Night Sounds in Rural Tennessee hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2017-08-10. Duration: 00:03:30. Flag: Clean.
Tags: nature, insects, wildlife.
A recording of the night sounds outside Tullahoma, Tennessee

hpr2338 :: Binaural recording 2 off to work hosted by Quvmoh

Released: 2017-07-19. Duration: 00:03:08. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: binaural,quvmoh,audio.
Binaural 3d audio recording, please listen at normal speed with good head phones.

hpr1528 :: Wildswimming in France hosted by Mark Waters

Released: 2014-06-11. Duration: 00:48:11. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: wildswimming, swimming, france, health, exercise, nature.
Take a break from the hacking, get on your bike and go wildswimming in a local river.

hpr1352 :: Stanford marshmallow experiment hosted by Zachary De Santos

Released: 2013-10-08. Duration: 01:21:28. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Timing, Sensation, 2004.
A soundscape

hpr1085 :: A Stream hosted by Zachary De Santos

Released: 2012-09-27. Duration: 00:07:50. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: ambient sound.
An ambient recording of a stream