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hpr3654 :: Use the data in the Ogg feed to create a website.

How much of of site can I make using only the data from the feed?

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Hosted by norrist on Thursday 2022-08-04 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: python, rss, sqlite.

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Make a website using the HPR RSS Feed

Welcome to part II of my experiment in how much can be done with the data ion the HPR feed

In my previous episode I discussed taking the data from the HPR feed and stuffing the useful bits into a sqlite database.

Today, Ill discuss some of my adventures generating a static site using the feed data

Lessons learned

  • Maybe skip DB step
  • I tend to over use Markdown - sometimes HTML is Better
  • So much content on HPR


My original intent was to create markdown files that could be feed into an existing static site generator, something like Hugo or Jekyll.

I started with markdown but had to add too much html.

I'm am a bit fan of using Markdown, but it did not fit this particular use case

Feed as source of data

I added some HTML for header footer

  • Header
    • bootstrap CSS columns
    • hpr logo
  • footer
    • Links
    • Copyright


  • Main page listing the most recent shows
  • A page listing all shows
  • Individual pages for each show
  • A page listing all the hosts
  • individual page for each host

One thing I would like to see on the HPR page is a count of how many shows there are for each host. I have enough data, so I added show counts.

Missing data

  • host profiles - web page, avatars
  • tags
  • series
  • Summary - The short 100 character summary of what your show is about
  • License
  • Other pages on the HPR site.
    • What you need to know
    • How to help out
    • Requested topics
    • ...

How does it work

  • Peewee to read from sqlite file
  • Python aggregates the appropriate data
  • Jinja Templates for
    • index - passed data from most recent shows
    • All shows
    • host page
    • corespondents - all host


  • Incorporate Comment feed
  • Generate static copy of RSS feed.
  • Copy content from HPR pages that are not in the RSS feed.
  • Generate Tags from Keywords in the show notes.
  • Only use the Full Feed on the first run.

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