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hpr3187 :: Ansible for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

How I use ansible to configure my OpenBSD router

Hosted by norrist on 2020-10-20 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: ansible, dhcp, dns, openbsd.
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Ansible DHCPD and DNS

Using Ansible to configure DHCPD and NDS on OpenBSD

  • Host data is stored in csv files
  • Ansible templates to create config files
  • Restart services


- hosts: localhost
  - name: read subnet 10
      path: 10.csv
      fieldnames: mac,ip,hostname
    register: subnet_10
  - name: read subnet 11
      path: 11.csv
      fieldnames: mac,ip,hostname
    register: subnet_11
  - name: read static
      path: static.csv
      fieldnames: hostname,ip
    register: static_ip

  - name: write dhcp file
      src: dhcpd.conf.j2
      dest: /etc/dhcpd.conf
      validate: dhcpd -nc %s
  - name: write local.lan zone file
      dest: /var/nsd/zones/master/local.lan
      owner: root
      group: _nsd
      validate: nsd-checkzone local.lan %s
  - name: nsd_conf
      src: nsd.conf
      dest: /var/nsd/etc/nsd.conf
      owner: root
      group: _nsd
      validate: nsd-checkconf %s
  - name: restart nsd
      name: nsd
      state: restarted
  - name: restart dhcpd
      name: dhcpd
      state: restarted
  - name: restart unbound
      name: unbound
      state: restarted






option  domain-name "local.lan";
option  domain-name-servers;

subnet netmask {
        option routers;
        {% for host in subnet_10.list %}
        host static-client { hardware ethernet {{ host.mac }};fixed-address {{ host.ip }};} #{{ host.hostname }}
        {% endfor %}

subnet netmask {
    option routers;
{% for host in subnet_11.list %}
host static-client { hardware ethernet {{ host.mac }};fixed-address {{ host.ip }};} #{{ host.hostname }}
{% endfor %}

Rendered DHCP entires

host static-client { hardware ethernet b8:27:eb:de:2f:38;fixed-address;} #pi3a
host static-client { hardware ethernet 28:10:7b:25:d5:60;fixed-address;} #ipcam3
host static-client { hardware ethernet 28:10:7b:0c:fa:7b;fixed-address;} #ipcam1

$TTL 3600
local.lan. IN     SOA root. (
                2016092901  ; Serial
                3H          ; refresh after 3 hours
                1H          ; retry after 1 hour
                1W          ; expire after 1 week
                1D)         ; minimum TTL of 1 day

IN  NS  gate.

IN  MX  50 gate.local.lan.

local.lan.      IN A

{% for host in static_ip.list%}
{{ host.hostname }} IN A {{ host.ip }}
{% endfor %}

{% for host in subnet_10.list%}
{{ host.hostname }} IN A {{ host.ip }}
{% endfor %}

{% for host in subnet_11.list%}
{{ host.hostname }} IN A {{ host.ip }}
{% endfor %}

Rendered A records

pi3b IN A
pi3a IN A
ipcam3 IN A
ipcam1 IN A

Run the playbook

ansible-playbook hostname-setup.yml

hpr3186 :: A light bulb moment, part 2

The history of lighting

Hosted by MrX on 2020-10-19 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Hardware, electrical.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

A very brief history of lighting

Natural light first came from fire

Then using oil and fat with a wick

Early candles used animal fat this smelled awful and tended to spit

Some parts of world used whole animals as candles

These early candles gave so little light that people generally just went to bed at sunset

Electric lighting started first by Humphry Davy in the early 1800’s using an arc, this was developed into commercial lighting in the 1840s

Arc lighting needed a complex mechanism to gradually push the contacts together as they burnt away

Gas lighting started around the 1850s this was improved in the 1870 with the advent of the Gas mantel.

Thomas Edison develop the electric light bulb in 1879 using a carbon filament. It took a great deal of effort to convince people to use it because gas lighting was so well established and worked well.

Many houses in Britain didn't install electric lighting until the 1930s

Finally electricity won as it could be used for so many other things.

The tungsten filament bulb

The filament within the bulb is made up of a tungsten coiled coil wire. This is done because the more compactly a filament can be wound the less heat is lost to the surroundings and the brighter the bulb will glow.

The tungsten halogen bulb

The next progression was tungsten halogen bulb, these bulbs are more efficient and give out twice as much light as ordinary bulbs and usually last twice as long.

All filament lights waste a lot of energy producing heat. An ordinary light bulb only gives out 10% of its energy as light, the rest is wasted as heat.

Fluorescent neon lights

Fluorescent neon lights were invented in 1905 by a French man called George Claude. These were used for advertising mainly in America.

Fluorescent strip light

The first fluorescent light was introduced in 1939 it uses the same principle as the neon light but incorporates a filament at both ends. It is filled with argon and mercury vapour. It mainly gives off ultra violet light the tube is coated on the inside with chemicals to convert the output to mostly visible light using a property called fluorescence.

Fluorescent tubes are four times as efficient as normal incandescent light bulbs and run cool.

The first energy efficient light bulbs were just fluorescent lights folded into a compact bulb shape.

Sodium lights

Sodium lights used mainly in street lighting are twice as efficient again as fluorescent bulbs they give off a rather horrible orange colour.

The first commercial high-pressure sodium lamps were available in 1965 from companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands; at introduction a 400 watt lamp would produce around 100 lumens per watt

The next big development was LED lighting which I'll cover in my next episode.

hpr3185 :: Pandemics In History

Infectious disease is one of the most important factors influencing human history

Hosted by Ahuka on 2020-10-16 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Health, Infectious Disease, History, Pandemics.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Health and Healthcare | Comments (1)

This is a look at how infectious diseases have changed the course of human history. It is admittedly a bit Euro- or Western-centric since that is what I know best. But I think the point of its importance applies more broadly.

hpr3184 :: Linux Inlaws S01E15: IT Security and stick insects

How to secure photos of your stick insect collection and more

Hosted by monochromec on 2020-10-15 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: IT Security, stick insects, Rainbow Escorts, Grumpy Old Coders.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Linux Inlaws | Comments (1)

In this episode Martin discovers that protecting pictures of stick insects (rated XXX or not) on USB sticks (pun intended) can be an ardous endeavour indeed. Never mind eventually turning this into a business including web servers, shared file spaces and password storage. Additional bonus: the lovely Emma from Rainbow Escorts makes another cameo apperance supported by some Irish, um, students.


hpr3183 :: Don't trust zipfiles

Zipfiles can contain all kinds of evilness and unpacking them can lead to unexpected results

Hosted by Cedric De Vroey on 2020-10-14 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: pentesting,security,hacking,zip.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Privacy and Security | Comments (0)

This show explains the concept of injecting symbolic links into zipfiles and how those can be used to attack a web application.

hpr3182 :: Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of Cholecalciferol

From Scotland, two HPR hosts chew the fat

Hosted by Dave Morriss on 2020-10-13 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: COVID-19,SARS-Cov-2,Vitamin D,6502 microprocessor,BBC Micro.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)


Two HPR hosts from Scotland get together over Mumble one more time to chat about all manner of stuff.

We recorded on Saturday 19th September 2020, which was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we but managed to avoid any utterances of ARRRR!, and the use of marlinspikes, fids or belaying pins. Also, no timbers were shivered and no mainbraces spliced (not while recording anyway).


Some of the topics we discussed:

  • COVID-19:
    • The increase in COVID-19 cases in Scotland, particularly Glasgow
      • Movement in Glasgow is more restricted than in Edinburgh at time of recording
    • The KCL COVID tracker, described further in an article with more details
      • Andrew is using this
    • Is Glasgow the most infected city in the UK?
    • This week in Virology podcast discussing easing of lock down and return of children to school, both likely to increase infections.
    • Vitamin D (D3 in particular1) seems to have a beneficial effect in COVID-19 cases. Having an optimal level of the vitamin seems to help ameliorate the COVID-19 effects, whereas being deficient can apparently result in more severe effects. See the study in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Long-term immunity and t-cells: see the Nature paper mentioned in the episode
    • The virus is called SARS-CoV-22 (as opposed to SARS-CoV-1, the previous SARS coronavirus). The disease is called COVID-193.
    • Speculations heard:
      • Whether having had the BCG immunisation against tuberculosis helps protect from COVID-19.
      • Whether exposure to other (milder) corona viruses can provide immunity to SARS-CoV-2.
    • The puzzling case of Sweden and COVID-19
    • Have there been randomised controlled trials of the effectiveness of the masks in common use?4
  • What we’re doing in lockdown:
    • Dave: cooking for the family 2 nights a week; shopping “by proxy”; not going to the gym yet
    • Andrew: exercising at home; tried the gym a couple of times but was put off by overcrowding; working on the BBC Micro (check HPR show hpr2731 :: My 8 bit Christmas)
  • BBC Micro:
    • A 32KiB 8-bit computer based around the 6502 CPU, made by Acorn Computers Ltd.
    • Game: Twin Kingdom Valley originally played by Andrew in 1982/3. He has been:
      • Disassembling the game (which is in machine code).
        • Disassembly is non-trivial when data is interleaved with the code.
      • Rewriting the non-graphic code in C
    • The BBC had a paged ROM area known as the Sideways ROM (see the System Memory Map)
    • Andrew had the ROM game Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror!.
    • The 65C02 processor is still being made!
    • Ben Eater on YouTube is explaining the workings of the 6502, amongst other things.
    • The 6502 could be seen as an early RISC (Reduced Instruction Set) machine (though not intentionally). Acorn created the Acorn RISC Machine (ARM) for the Archimedes and eventually spun off ARM Ltd.
  • Internet bandwidth in Scotland
    • Dave’s street has just had optical fibre installed. He has an ADSL link at present which is slow and not always reliable
    • Andrew has cable, which is very reliable. Reliability is more important than very high speeds, as is low latency
  • HPR queue state:
    • OK for the next couple of weeks (at time of recording)
    • A new show then arrived at that point!
    • HPR always needs shows!
  • Programming languages:
    • Dave hasn’t been too keen on using assembler since the late 1980’s
    • Andrew has been a Java programmer but likes the slimness of C
    • Dave tinkered with FORTH on the BBC Micro at one time, and wrote some stuff in PostScript as a programming language
    • FORTH was used to control telescopes at one time

  1. Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol.↩︎

  2. SARS-CoV-2: SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, CoV means Corona Virus and the 2 refers to the second SARS corona virus in recent times.↩︎

  3. COVID-19: simply means coronavirus disease 19, referring to its arrival in 2019.↩︎

  4. Some clarification of the types of mask being used most commonly might be needed. Andrew was thinking of the fabric masks when speaking about this. Some research after the recording discovered a mask-related trial as follows: Human coronavirus data from four clinical trials of masks and respirators.↩︎

hpr3181 :: RealVNC cloud offering

JWP emails in a show about using VNC while out and about

Hosted by JWP on 2020-10-12 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: realvnc, remote computing.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

Just a short podcast about RealVNC cloud offering. An interesting VNC option if you want to connect on the road or the at the coffee shop to a server back home without putting holes in your router.

hpr3180 :: GIMP: Miscellaneous Tools

These few remaining tools are important, but don't fit neatly into one category.

Hosted by Ahuka on 2020-10-09 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, paths, zoom, GEGL.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: GIMP | Comments (2)

The Miscellaneous tools do a number of useful things without fitting neatly into a category. The Paths tool takes Selections up a notch and also lets you add interesting effects. Zoom is one you would use every day, and Measure is handy in some situations. Finally, GEGL Operations are the future of all GIMP development

hpr3179 :: MakeMKV to back up media, and a Question

Describing two ways to install MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray backup program on Fedora 32

Hosted by Archer72 on 2020-10-08 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: dvd, blu-ray, backup.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (1)

Installed Fedora 32 on a spare laptop

Quick tip

To ignore the handle switch on the laptop triggering a power off:

Put HandleLidSwitch=ignore in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Install MakeMKV from source

dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

dnf install zlib-devel openssl-devel expat-devel ffmpeg ffmpeg-devel qt5-qtbase-devel
mkdir git/makemkv.source

cd makemkv.source

tar xpf makemkv-oss-1.15.2.tar.gz
tar xpf makemkv-bin-1.15.2.tar.gz

cd makemkv-oss-1.15.2/
sudo make install

cd ../makemkv-bin-1.15.2/
sudo make install

Install MakeMKV from flathub

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install flathub com.makemkv.MakeMKV

Install ccextractor

dnf install libtesseract-dev autoconf sysconftool

git clone
cd ccextractor/linux/

Enable expert mode

Provide path to the ccextractor binary

Re-encoding MKV file

ffmpeg -i $1 -b:a 128k -b:v 2000k -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec aac "encoded"/"`basename -s .mkv $1`-_2000k_aac.mkv"

Updated registration key (Good for 2 months?)

Updated registration key for MakeMKV

MakeMKV registration code update script (Untested)

Github link to MakeMKV registration update script

How to install MakeMKV on Fedora Linux
Forum post for MakeMKV on Linux

How to play/rip Blu-ray discs on Mplayer command line

For DVD's

mplayer dvd:///_/dvd/mount/dir_

For Blu-ray discs
Download keydb.cfg and place it in ~/.config/aacs/
Link to keydb.cfg

mplayer br:///_/bluray/mount/dir_
ie. mplayer br:////dev/sr0 <br>

note the 3 forward slashes before the block device, as the disk will not be read otherwise


mplayer br:////dev/sr0 -alang en -dumpstream -dumpfile $movie.mpg


mkdir encoded
ffmpeg -i $1 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -b:a 128k -b:v 2000k -vcodec mpeg4 "encoded"/"`basename -s .mpg $1`.mkv"

Questions for the Community:

Is it antiquated to want to rip Blu-ray/DVD disks to a server?

Is there a better way to accomplish this, rather than using MakeMKV, which continues to be Beta software, and not Free and Open Source?

hpr3178 :: Finishing the Recumbent Bicycle

While channeling Stephen Hawking, Brian in Ohio describes finishing and riding the bike

Hosted by Brian in Ohio on 2020-10-07 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: bicycle, recumbent.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Bicycle Hacking | Comments (0)


1 - Bending Tools
1 - Bending Tools

This is how I clamped up the conduit bending tool in the trusty workmate. In this configuration you can bend the tube to specific angles and make sure the bends stay in plane. The goal here is to create two side rails that are identical. The seat webbing is sewn on to these rails.

2 - Needed weights
2 - Needed weights

This photo shows some more of how the bending jig was set up. Those are counter weights needed to keep the jig on the ground while the tube is being bent.

3 - Seat rail plans
3 - Seat rail plans

Mr. Carson provides pdf files that you can print out to be used as templates to match your bends.

4 - Marking tubes
4 - Marking tubes

5 - Sighting down tube
5 - Sighting down tube

6 - Using marks
6 - Using marks

7 - Help with angles
7 - Help with angles

8 - Matching to plans
8 - Matching to plans

Pictures 4-8 show the layout of the tubes and how the marks are used to ensure you make mirror image rails for the seat.

9 - Matching sides
9 - Matching sides

10 - Seat backs
10 - Seat backs

11 - Drilling fish mouths
11 - Drilling fish mouths

12 - Seat backs ready for trimming
12 - Seat backs ready for trimming

13 - Finished seat backs
13 - Finished seat backs

14 - Jigging up
14 - Jigging up

Pictures 9-14 outline the steps in fabricating the seat backs. The seat backs tie the rails together and are where the clamps that connect the seat to the frame grab the seat. This part of the construction can be overwhelming if you don't take it one step at a time. I had to constantly remind myself that building the bike was not a race but a journey, take your time and enjoy each little milestone. The last picture is the seat frame jigged up and ready for brazing.

15 - Seat stay one
15 - Seat stay one

16 - Seat stay two
16 - Seat stay two

The seat stay was at first glance very intimidating. This piece connects the back of the seat down to the frame, supporting the upper part of your body. Its made of many parts, but all they are is cut up pieces of steel rod and threaded rod that are brazed together. No bending is involved only cutting and brazing and in the end it wasn't to difficult to fabricate.

17 - Seat stay three
17 - Seat stay three

The completed seat connected to the frame. The seat is clamped to the frame using hose clamps and clamping blocks made of conduit cut length wise and brazed together at right angles.

18 - Seat webbing one
18 - Seat webbing one

19 - Seat webbing two
19 - Seat webbing two

The seat webbing is sewn on using fishing line as described on the website, the only challenge is getting it nice and tight. Needle, line and a few hpr episodes is all you need to get through the task.

20 - Finished
20 - Finished

The last picture is the bike finished and ready for its maiden journey.

Espeak script:

Hello Hacker Public Radio, Brian in Ohio here.

I am out from under my rock, and doing the last of the recumbent bike build episodes. My wife and I are visiting the land of our youth, Colorado, so my recording stuff is at home, hence the espeak rendition of the show. I finished building the bike a while ago and have been riding it around town to do errands and get exercise. I love this bike! The comfort level is unparalleled. Its like sitting in a chase lounge. No more neck strain or pain in the derriere. You don't need any fancy bike clothes, like padded biking shorts, in order to feel comfortable. The bike is fast and has responsive handling. Somethings I have learned so far while riding the bike. First, a rear view mirror really helps when riding on the street. Unlike upright bikes turning your head to look back to clear for traffic is not as easy. Next, the handling takes some getting used to. The long lever arm of the steering tube makes the bike feel jerky when you first ride it. After a while you'll see that a light hand on the tiller goes a long way to smoothing out the ride. It took me a bit of practice to gracefully get the bike started after coming to a stop. Because you can't stand up and hammer on the peddles, coming to a stop requires a bit of work on the gears. Being in a easy gear then shifting up as you get moving is the way to go. If you build one of these bikes, and why wouldn't you, you will have to think about storage because throwing a back pack on is not really an option. I found a bike rack that attaches to the back of the bike, a grocery store plastic basket and an instructive video tutorial by C J Hoyle on you tube took care of my storage needs, a link is in the show notes. The last parts that need to be fabricated to complete the bike were the seat and the handle bars, and all of there associated bits and pieces that make up these assemblies. Instead of narrating through all the pictures, I leave you, dear hacker public radio listener, that's interested to look at the pictures and read the captions yourself. My general impressions of building the pieces are as follows. The handle bars are relatively easy to fabricate but the big problem for me was the metal on the handle bars you use to make the tiller did not braze well with the conduit. In the end I had to resort to pop rivets and a through bolt to get a safe, sturdy connection. The seat is a collection of many parts and at first glance can be a bit overwhelming. By examining the photos on the recycled recumbent website and studying the plans, focusing on each step the seat came out fine for me, yours will too. The side rails are bent using a conduit bender and the challenge is getting the two sides close to match. Take your time and get some extra conduit, you're probably going to need it. The seat back stay is pretty easy to make, but it is made up of quite a few parts, requiring simple cuts and brazing to fashion it. The rest of the seat parts, the various fittings used to clamp the seat to the frame are pretty easy to make and I can't compliment Mr. Carsen highly enough for his ingenious design. Fitting out the bike; getting wheels, brakes and drive train together are going to be unique to every bike and will depend on how much money you want to spend, what parts you have laying around and what fittings you might have to create to attach the parts. I opted to use used parts that were at hand so I could get the bike up and running. I plan on upgrading parts, making changes and improvements after I've ridden the bike for a few months and gotten a good number of miles under my belt. I'll do an update show in the future to let you know what I've done. Will I do this again? Yes definitely I will build another bike, maybe a mach two or three, the building is fun the bike rides great. Mr Carsen sells parts, kits and completed bikes on his website. When I do it again I may opt to buy the seat from him. I would recommend this project to anyone. You can, go out and build one yourself.

This is Brian in Ohio signing off for now reminding every one to: go fast; take chances.

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Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in August 2020

hpr3155 :: LastPass Security Dashboard hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-09-04. Duration: 00:11:20. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: LastPass, passwords, security, monitoring.
A recent update to LastPass added a Security Dashboard

hpr3154 :: Make NextCloud your next cloud hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-09-03. Duration: 00:12:51. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry Pi,NextCloud,federated.
I go into my reasons for using NextCloud, what it is, and why you might want it.

hpr3153 :: Fixing eBooks with Calibre and pdfcrop hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2020-09-02. Duration: 00:05:08. Flag: Clean.
Tags: calibre,pdfcrop,epub,pdf.
Ken uses Calibre to convert a epub to PDF then uses pdfcrop to trim the margins

hpr3152 :: My Pocket Knives hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2020-09-01. Duration: 00:14:30. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: knife,pocket knife,penknife,Victorinox,Durol,Roxon.
I talk a little about some pocket knives I often carry

hpr3151 :: How I listen to podcasts hosted by Daniel Persson

Released: 2020-08-31. Duration: 00:06:33. Flag: Clean.
Tags: podcast,software,android.
This is a reply to MrX episode on how to listen to podcasts

hpr3150 :: GIMP: Paint Tools hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-08-28. Duration: 00:18:17. Flag: Clean. Series: GIMP.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, paint, draw.
With Paint Tools you begin to operate on the image.

hpr3149 :: HPR AudioBook Club 21 - The Terrible Business of Salmon and Dusk hosted by HPR_AudioBookClub

Released: 2020-08-27. Duration: 01:45:42. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR_AudioBookClub.
Tags: Audiobook, Review, Creative Commons.
The HPR Audiobook Club reviews the audiobook The Terrible Business of Salmon and Dusk by Myke Bartle

hpr3148 :: Why Open Source matters (to me) hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-08-26. Duration: 00:26:52. Flag: Clean.
Tags: history,open source,matters,vic 20,amiga,commodore.
I go briefly into my own history that has lead me to choose open source software exclusively.

hpr3147 :: NIST's Quantum Cryptography Update hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-08-25. Duration: 00:13:45. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: security, encryption, quantum computing.
NIST has concluded Round Two of the quantum encryption search and moved to Round Three

hpr3146 :: Help Me Help you with HPR eps! hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-08-24. Duration: 00:05:58. Flag: Clean.
Tags: podcasting, hpr.
What should I do and how should I do it ?

hpr3145 :: A light bulb moment, part 1 hosted by MrX

Released: 2020-08-21. Duration: 00:10:49. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Hardware, electrical.
Finding the working voltage of a bulb

hpr3144 :: Pentesting: Insecure Object Reference hosted by Cedric De Vroey

Released: 2020-08-20. Duration: 00:12:06. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: pentesting,security,hacking.
How an insecure object reference lead to a covid-related databreach

hpr3143 :: LibreOffice 7.0 Released! hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-08-19. Duration: 00:15:27. Flag: Clean. Series: LibreOffice.
Tags: LibreOffice, new release.
LibreOffice releases a new major update, LibreOffice 7.0

hpr3142 :: tcsh hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-08-18. Duration: 00:28:39. Flag: Clean.
Tags: shell,csh,bash,tcsh.
Klaatu talks about tcsh

hpr3141 :: Lessons learnt from Magic the Gathering game design hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-08-17. Duration: 00:37:49. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: magic, mtg.
Lessons learnt from Magic the Gathering game design

hpr3140 :: GIMP: Selection Tools hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-08-14. Duration: 00:16:02. Flag: Clean. Series: GIMP.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, selection.
The key to using GIMP effectively is to select the area you want to work on.

hpr3139 :: MIDI Sysex hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-08-13. Duration: 00:20:38. Flag: Clean.
Tags: midi,music,synth.
Klaatu talks about Sysex functions in MIDI

hpr3138 :: Linux Inlaws S01E12: Reminiscing in FLOSS Weekly hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-08-12. Duration: 01:34:24. Flag: Explicit. Series: Linux Inlaws.
Tags: Linux inlaws, communism, free and open source software, FLOSS Weekly, Perl, ship cruises.
An interview with Randal Schwartz of FLOSS Weekly fame

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